To the Organizers

Inspire Retreats

To the Retreat Organizers

We want to share your retreat that you are so passionate about, with people who are looking for exactly what you are offering, so that you can share what makes you tick and your knowledge during this memorable experience that you are creating.

This is done through registration on our website, marketing opportunities as well as training on how to make your retreat a success, and a memorable one, both for you and the souls attending!


Inspire Retirement’s core value. To inspire people to take care of themselves, to learn new things, to evolve on their journey whatever it may be.


Connection. To oneself and to others. Collaboration. Words that make us vibrate. Group connection on retreat, or coming back to yourself, is powerful.


Inner transformation. Bringing about changes in our lives, whether personal or professional. That’s what a retreat promises.

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Here are our options.

We also offer a complete training on how to organize a retreat from A to Z. Contact Caro for more details.

Display package

Post your retirement, with an entire page dedicated to it. Created by retirement professionals.

$ 49 / Fixed.

Visibility Package

Give more visibility to your retreat displayed prominently on the home page.

$ 59 / from


Here are our options.

We also offer a complete complete training on how to organize a retreat from A to Z.

Contact Caro for more details.

Advertising package

Advertising campaign to reach highly qualified audiences.

$ 149 / from

News Package

Posting in our monthly News, to a trippy retirement community.

$ 39 / Fixed

Answers to your Questions!

When you purchase the Affichage package, you will receive a detailed form to fill out and return to us, including the images of your retreat. We will then post it online on our site.

Absolutely! We will be happy to inform you of our options.

48 hours and your retreat will be posted on our website.

We offer comprehensive training to help you create, plan and sell a retreat, step by step.

In addition to the options mentioned above, it is possible to help you with even more visibility via a personalized and targeted advertising campaign.

Certainly! We also offer organization services for longer stay retreats as well as international retreats.

Retirement training.

Want to start a retreat but don’t know where to begin? Or are you already doing it and would like to have more tips to make it unique, unforgettable and successful?

Contact me for more information.

Caro x

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