StoryTelling - Our Story

StoryTelling - Our Story

Friendly love at first sight for more than 10 years, we always knew that we wanted to collaborate together one day. The time has finally come!

2 great travelers since always, having already been expats in different countries, nomads at heart, we wanted to combine each of our strengths, knowledge and expertise, in order to offer the best to the beautiful souls participating in retreats, as well as to the organizers.

Passionate about people, their well-being, their personal development or learning about a new interest or passion, or growing in certain areas of your life, this is what we want to create for you.

All this combined with extensive experience in business management, sales and development, team management, marketing and more… Connecting participants to organizers and helping them create more retreats is our mission!

Our Collabo

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Caroline Lavoie

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Kristina Kurtin

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