10 tips for letting go

10 tips for letting go

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A word that feels good just to hear it, but in concrete terms, how do we apply it in our daily lives? I’ve been asking myself this question recently due to certain trials, certain situations where I realized THAT lately, how do I REALLY let go? How to surrender for real? Not so easy to do. It is even a source of anxiety.cI realized that I was controlling too many things in my life, and this was leading me to an unpleasant state of being. Some things are under our control, but others are not. And others that we can decide not to control, to let go.

This feeling of peace when you let go, when you surrender (I really like this word, it soothes me), you instantly feel a calmness that settles in. And it feels good. To stop trying to control everything, to try to know what will happen or how.

Letting go is accepting the situation as it is, adapting to changes. It is to stop imagining everything that can happen and to worry about the future as well as the past.

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Identify your sources of stress, write them down. All the emotions you feel inside, let them out. If you feel like crying, screaming, do it. It has to come out. That’s what I did this week and getting it out on paper, helps a lot to see, and get those thoughts out of our head.

No matter what ordeal you’ve been through, if you’re still experiencing resentment about that situation, let it go, and draw out the consequences that came out and even the things you learned, so that you can continue on your path with peace rather than resentment.

Take a break and take a deep breath. Breathing for a few minutes, already makes a small cleaning in our head, it calms and we see already more clearly.

Be kind to yourself, be gentle. We all make mistakes, it’s human. As long as you are journaling, write down all your good deeds, your qualities. This too is good for the soul.

Every time I would get overly concerned with a certain situation in my life, none of that would happen, none of those scenarios I had made up would happen. So trusting life, letting life go, helps to just let it carry you along.

I’m not saying you can’t do actions, but do them with your feeling, your intuition, do them with what makes a big yes inside.

Meditate. Help. Always. In. Everything. Reading, singing, dancing, listening to music.

Resisting all these fears, these changes, these beliefs, is useless. Instead, accept failure, accept your limitations, accept who you are with your flaws and your wonderful qualities. Give yourself the right to be wrong. Accept that others are not like you, you don’t own it.

Caroline lavoie
Caroline lavoie

I am a person who has always lived on the spur of the moment, amazed by nothing, multi-passionate, traveler, ambitious, a top organizer, a gathering soul & an overflowing energy, while needing my moments of solitude in the quiet!

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